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Accolades and Press

Dr. Robert Hart Baker

Music Director and Conductor

Belleville Philharmonic (Belleville, IL)

"His Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 was outstanding in every way: flawless technique, memory, touch and facility, command and presence, rapport with the players, and his own style and interpretive phrasing. In my 50 years on the podium, I have had the opportunity to perform with some of the leading pianists of their time. Brian Woods represents the talent of the new generation of professional touring artists."

Steve Callahan

KDHX (St. Louis, MO)

"Pianist Brian Woods was the star of the show...He shone brilliantly throughout. Mr. Woods charmed us and displayed a smoothness, almost a slickness that was amazing."

Kyle Ramey

Artistic Director

Trinity Concerts (Watertown, NY)

"Woods’ interpretation of the complete Ballades of Frederic Chopin was outstanding. Rather than making the pieces mere technical showcases, Brian performed each phrase with understanding: knowing the destination of each one and taking the audience on the journey with him."

Andrew Haringer

Chair of Music Department

Saint Anselm College (Manchester, NH)

"Thank you for everything you did for us during your short visit here. First, by providing such a warm, supportive, and productive environment for the piano students. And second, by giving a truly exceptional concert of some very demanding repertoire, never allowing the virtuosic passages, which you dispatched with ease, to supersede the musical narrative or the melody, so important in that repertoire. It was simply a splendid performance that helped me hear those pieces in a new light, and I am very grateful to have heard you play. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you play again in the future, whether back at Saint Anselm or at another venue."

Tim Jansen

Pianist and Critic

Review from Gateway Festival Orchestra

(St. Louis, MO)

"The piano soloist was the dashing Brian Woods. Brian has a marvelous command of the keyboard and paints sound with a beautiful pastel brush. Technically, the work fits Brian’s ability to a tee. The opening phrases of the 1st movement was some of most convincing playing of this work I’ve ever heard, having heard the work performed many, many times. Brian’s sense of rubato and mood brought this concerto to life as if the composer himself was at the helm. This was a very dramatic, well-structured and profound reading. The almost prayerful silence after the second movement said it all. The orchestra, conductor and soloist worked seamlessly together through the entire piece, keeping us engaged up to the last chord of the last movement."

Keokuk Concert Association

(Keokuk, IA)

"Brian Woods gave a magnificent performance at the Grand Theatre and at the Keokuk Middle School and High School. Brian has an extraordinary ability to captivate audiences of all ages. His impeccable finger control and moving dynamics paint a picture with each note."

Jeff Harris


Steinway Society of Western Pennsylvania

(Pittsburgh, PA)

"Your playing was truly wonderful, full of ideas, and beauty. An especially touching second movement to the Rachmaninoff [Sonata No. 2], though there was much beauty and strength throughout the entire afternoon...I am very glad that we engaged you."

Dr. Rebecca Casey, NCTM

Professor of Piano

North Ohio University (Ada, OH)

"Mr. Woods combines flawless technique with rare and creative artistry. The colors he achieves and the emotions he elicits cannot fail to touch the soul." 

Dr. Richard Jeric

Music Director

Music on the Hill (Marysville, OH)

"We owe you thanks for performing such a splendid concert. Your playing is fresh and dynamic, your interpretations of the classic piano repertoire are thought-provoking and sincere, and your presence on and off stage is infectious. You drew our audience into your playing, and they continue to speak so highly of your concert days after. We wish you only success in your career, and we hope there might be a chance to welcome you back to Marysville in the future." 

Emily Frankoski

Executive Director

Connect2Culture (Joplin, MO)

"It was a pleasure to host Brian. He was great to work with and is clearly extremely talented. I really appreciated his comfortability with the media and being willing to come appear on a local TV show before the performance."

Jerry Michelson

Composer and Pianist (Encinitas, CA)

"The performance was extraordinary. The balance you maintain between melodic voices and accompaniment parts was inspiring. The Chopin Ballades were brilliant. The Samuel Barber Sonata performance blew me away...Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and intelligence with us."

Southern Illinoisan

(Carbondale, IL)

"On the sunny afternoon the pianist swept his audience away with stunning musicianship and stage presence. I took a moment to notice the expressions on the faces around me and knew we were experiencing something significant."

Daniel Kays

Executive Director

Bowlus Fine Arts Center (Iola, KS)

"Brian presents beautifully. His introductions into the pieces are very approachable. He doesn't speak over the audience. Then his passion at the piano and the interpretations are just gorgeous. My patrons loved Brian. We wish him all the success he deserves."

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